Jasmin Dress

Jasmin Dress

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Jasmin Dress €89.00
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The Jasmin dress hides a beautiful surprise. The drawstring elements of this dress make the Jasmin a real game changer, allowing you to play with length, style and volume all in one diverse garment. The two rectangular pieces that join the torso of the dress create a beautiful "V" shaped neckline, a neckline that can be modified by adjusting the drawstrings on the shoulders, to change the dress into a light sleeve that covers the shoulder simply loosen the ties, or for a more pronounced strap that opens the chest area, tighten the drawstrings. The skirt also has a drawstring placed in the centre that can be modified to alter the length of the flowing skirt, creating a whispy, light movement to the dress. A versatile  unique garment with simple lines, the Jasmin ensures you will make the biggest statement.

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Jasmin Dress
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24/48 hours delivery (Mainland Spain) | More info