White VS. Black

Halloween has finally arrived and all we can think in is black dresses and dark colors, so we wanted to start a debate.. are you a #CharoRuiz bride dressed in White or in Black?

 Although it may seem strange, in the past our ancestors traditionally wore black on her wedding day because it was much more versatile and profitable. A tradition that today has become a trend that is growing every day: once again during the SS16 Bridal NY Fashion Show, several designers introduced proposals with a range of colors ranging from white, cream, pink and dusty gray to black. Dressing in dark colors is not just a trend but also a boom in the bridal world and an option that has been chosen by several celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker.

  So... why not?

 Tell us your opinion! And we'll help you find the perfect dress for you, always taking care of elegance, simplicity and uniqueness in design and service.