A very special gift for a 2018 full of harmony

A very special gift for a 2018 full of harmony

If Proust really wanted to remember his childhood, with all his feelings and emotions, the best thing would have been to do it through the thread of a perfume.

It is known that our ability to remember odors is surprising. Smell is the most primitive and unknown sense. Odors, like colors or noises, already existed in nature at the moment when man appears on earth. The smell of the sea, the smell of wet earth, the aromas of wild plants. Since ancient times, man has discovered that he can intervene in nature and prepare his own perfumes with flowers, plants, fruits and spices.

Campos de Ibiza is the most significant fragrance of a Mediterranean island worldwide known for its wild nature, paradisiacal beaches and cosmopolitan atmosphere. A meeting between naturalness and sophistication, tradition and freshness. Pure nature with a unique, contemporary and luxurious interpretation.

Perfumes of 100% Ibiza inspiration, aromas of fresh tangerines, almond blossoms, roses, figs or jasmine flowers, all the fragrances have deep bows to show our love for the island. This Christmas Charo Ruiz wants to give you the most Mediterranean Eaux de Toilette made by Campos de Ibiza.

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