Sargantana earrings

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Sargantana earrings €75.00
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The essence and roots of Ibiza are always present in each of our designs. Our earrings are a tribute to the island and to the first inhabitants who inhabited the paradisiacal Pitusa island, the lizards. The richness of the materials, gold plated, textile fibers, and our commitment to the handcrafted, artisan and traditional process makes these earrings an authentic accessory, ideal for all your summer looks. Combine them in pink or black with one of our strapless dresses to show off an unmistakably Ibizan look.  


Our products are handmade using INDIGENOUS TECHNIQUES that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

For the manufacture of each accessory it takes from 3 to 15 days to be made in different parts of Colombia. 


Natural materials Iraca palm from Colombia and natural dyes

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Sargantana earrings
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24/48 hours delivery (Mainland Spain) | More info